We specialize in biomarker discovery. 

Our lab contains all the equipment needed to perform ELISAs and microarrays (except printing microarrays).

We partner with small US companies to perform the entire biomarker discovery service.  Full service includes discovery strategy, clinical sample acquisition,  sample processing, protein separations, mass spectrometry, data analysis, biomarker selection and statistical analysis.  Any part of this process can be modified to suit your needs.

Cano, Demystifying Biomarker Discovery, 2008 Pharma Focus Asia

Our Mass Spectrometry-Based Discovery Work Flow


Proteomic Strategy

How will we find biomarkers.

Sample Selection

Best samples for success.

Protein Separations

Reduce complexity.

Mass Spectrometry

Identify the candidates.

Data Analysis

Most time-consuming part of the project.

Biomarker Verification

A different method with a different set of samples.