Our Company

Biomarker Profiles™ is a life science company that specializes in the discovery of biomarkers in human disease.  The founder discovered the first biomarker in rheumatoid arthritis using mass spectrometry 1.  Many diseases need biomarkers that will enable the development of new tests, therapy, and cures.  We are committed to study as many diseases/conditions as funding allows.

We work with a network of small companies to obtain funding, plan experiments, perform research projects and develop new tests.  This approach allows Biomarker Profiles™ to rapidly adopt new technologies, complete projects and scale up production.

Part of our discovery process utilizes a biomarker database that we have been developing since the company was started.  Diseases are listed in Disease Database.  Biomarkers are listed in Biomarker Database.

Biomarker Profiles™ was awarded a DOD SBIR Phase I and II to identify biomarkers of pain and develop a test for pain.  As a result of this award, we developed the first blood test for pain.  The study of pain is very complicated because one person can have more than one source of pain.  We are developing 2 additional websites:  PainProfiles.com to highlight some of the results from our study and helpisunderstandpain.com to better understand pain.

We work with small teams of highly qualified scientists whose time is valuable and like to control costs thus we do not offer internships.

  1. Cano, L. & Arkfeld, D.G. Clin Proteom (2009) 5: 75. doi:10.1007/s12014-009-9028-1